Large barbecue buffet!
Every Tuesday in good weather
Sunday ist family day!
Schnitzel "Wiener Art", french fries & small salad
Large breakfast buffet
Including coffee specialties, various juices, sparkling wine and more!

Jule's Restaurant

Enjoy a romantic dinner for two, a cozy dinner with friends and the family or a quiet business dinner in the pleasant ambience of the Jule's Restaurant near Moers.
The good layout of the rooms, the rustic "Parkettraum", the large dinner area, the Smoker's Lounge and the loving children's play area make the Jule's a perfect restaurant for every occasion. The kitchen and service team stands apart from creativity by the highest standards and looks forward to being your host.

On the summer terrace you can enjoy popular and seasonal specialties, as well as salad, fish or pasta classics. A high-quality wine card and dessert creations, as well as a special children's menu complete the offer. The restaurant in Neukirchen-Vluyn is also an ideal place for parties, from birthday parties to Christmas parties, the team organizes all the festivities for you. Simply contact us by phone or via the event form. Individual suggestions for your buffet or menu, as well as competent advice, characterize the Jule's Restaurant at Moers. The connected Hotel Dampfmühle also offers the appropriate accommodation possibilities. The restaurant at Moers is ideally situated with sufficient parking spaces and good transport links around the Niederrhein and the Ruhrgebiet.


An excerpt from our current menu


Plate of cold cuts Dampfmühle 12,80 €
with fresh country bread, a large and hearty cold cuts and antipasti selection, onion minced meat, tomato mozzarella and herb dip

Jules gambas pan 15,80 €
King prawns in homemade garlic-chili-oil with cherry tomatoes and spring onions, served with fresh country bread

Jules Restaurant Moers Vorpeisenteller


Onionsoup 4,80 €
with parmesan and served with country bread

Tomatosoup 4,80 €
with mozzarella and basil pesto

Potatosoup 4,80 €
house-style soup, served with country bread

Beef consommé 4,80 €
with egg custard, served with country bread

Restaurant in Neukirchen-Vluyn - die Suppe

Spaghetti from the grana padano wheel
(prepared at the table)

with King prawns, garlic-chili-oil, cherry tomatoes and arugula 17,80 €

with bolognese sauce 12,80 €

with arrabiata sauce 11,80 €

Restaurant Jules Pasta


Wild herb salad 12,80 €
with cherry tomatoes and a honey mustard vinaigrette

Caesar salad 12,80 €
classic with chicken breast and grated Parmesan

Gambas salad 14,80 €
wild herb salad with King prawns in garlic-chili-oil and Italian dressing

Restaurant in Moers Salat

Main Courses

Jules large grill plate 19,80 €
with beef steak, medallion of pork, chicken breast, Bacon, French fries, coleslaw, onions and ajvar

Lamb goulash 22,80 €
with potato gratin and red cabbage

Pork cheeks 20,80 €
on savoy cabbage with rosemary potatoes

Beef roulade 21,80 €
with red cabbage and dumpling potatoes

Rumpsteak (250g) 24,50 €
served on the salt plate with rosemary potatoes, herb butter and wild herb salad

Rumpsteak with pepper sauce 27,50 €

Poched salmon 18,80 €
on pea purée and long grain wild rice with lime butter sauce

Wiener Schnitzel (veal cutlet) 19,80 €
with French fries and wild herb salad

Jules Angus Burger (160g) 16,80 €
in brioche burger bun with bacon, cheese, fried egg, salad, cucumber, tomato and BBQ sauce, French fries, mayonnaise and ketchup

Jule's Restaurant Fleisch


Crêpes Suzettes 11,40 €
flamed at the table with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit

Crêpes Suzettes for two 17,40 €

Jules chocolate souffle 8,40 €
with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit

Jules Schokoladensoufflé for two 14,40 €

Apple strudel 7,40 €
with vanilla ice cream, vanilla sauce and cream

Crème brûlée 7,80 €
flamed at the table with a fresh fruit garnish

Jule's Restaurant  Dessert

Current Specials

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Served at the table

Video - Crepe Jule's Restaurant
Video - Pasta Jule's Restaurant

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Mo. - Sun. 6 pm - 10.15 pm

Mon. - Fri. 6.15 am - 9.30 am
Sat., Sun. and holiday
7 am - 10.30 am

There is plenty and free parking for you